The Right Words in the Right Language

You market with words because words work. But they have to be the right words.

And they have to be in the right language. I'm not talking about English or Spanish or French; I'm talking about Lawyer.

Lawyers pride themselves on being great communicators - on being able to make their clients understand complex concepts.

But ... when they're the client?

You want to sell that case management software? Got a kick-ass docket control system to show off? You have to speak Lawyer.

If you don't, it's not that they won't understand what you're saying, it's that they won't care.

It's the same with other professional service providers. All of them.

So knowing the language is the first, absolutely indispensable, unavoidable step.

Using the right words in that language is the second.

I've been speaking Lawyer for 40 years.

And I know how to write copy in Lawyer. Other professional service provider languages, too.

Shouldn't we be talking?

Who is Dan?

B2B Solutions - Copywriting, Content, and E-Newsletters for Service Professionals

You're good at your business. That's your focus.

The product you offer or the service you provide – you’ve invested so much into it. I can help make sure that your target audience "gets" it.

Isn’t it worth investing a little more?

B2B or B2C Copywriting - E-Newsletters for Service Professionals

From website copy to direct response campaigns, from email to newsletters - or e-newsletters, for that matter - to articles, case studies, and white papers - I can help.

Whether it's tweaking what you already have or starting from scratch - I can help you connect with and expand your audience.

When you need to speak Lawyer or other professional languages – I can help.

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