Reviews and Testimonials


"Easy to work with and excellent in his work product."

"Dan took on the formidable challenge of editing my first book. It was a scientifically-based book about thinking with a target audience who did not care about thinking! And he was over-the-top great. So great that the book, Discover Your Blind Spots, was named Book of the Month (March 2006) by the largest publisher of business books in Europe (Liber) and was the only book by an American nominated in 2006 as Leadership Book of the Year by the Swedish Cooperative Union. Easy to work with and excellent in his work product. That's Dan Barrett."

---- Dr. Bob Smith, Founder and Chairman of Clear Direction, Inc.

"...always finds the right words ..."

"I’ve used Dan’s wordsmithing services for years on projects ranging from press releases to grant applications to internet copy. He always finds the right words to express the right sentiment in exactly the right way, even when different “voices” are needed. I highly recommend DBWordcraft for whatever business – or personal – communication needs you may have."

----DeeJay Johannessen – Executive Director, Health Education Learning Project

" language anyone can understand."

"Dan Barrett's book takes you through the complicated world of medical malpractice litigation in language anyone can understand. Cheaper to Kill is a good reference for people fighting the health care establishment."

----Tommy Townsend, CAE - Executive Director, Texas Trial Lawyers Association

"Hire him. You won't regret it."

"Dan’s newsletters, direct mail pieces, internet copy, and correspondence for my real estate business have always been exactly what the situation called for – written in my voice, conveying the messages that I want to convey. Just because we have the same last name doesn’t mean that I cut him any slack – and he always rises to the occasion. Hire him. You won’t regret it."

----Debra Barrett,  Debra Barrett Real Estate

"...truly appreciates the importance and power of the written word."

"Dan Barrett is a very good lawyer. But Dan Barrett is an even better writer.

As a litigator, I’ve seen Dan craft pleadings, briefs and arguments crystallizing his points in easy to follow logical steps. In mediation, I’ve watched him apply those same skills in pitching his client’s position so as to strike just the right tone to make a deal possible. In his free-lance writing, I’ve been mesmerized by his ability to transport his reader into another space and time, as he weaves his story.

In essence, Dan truly appreciates the importance and the power of the written word. I’m delighted to know he’s now utilizing those skills to help other professionals tell their stories."

-- Beth Krugler, JD, MS - Lawyer/Mediator