Seven Doors and a Gate Makes Eight from Strasbourg

Covid-19 Stay-at-Home Reminiscing

Just before the nearly universal lockdowns and shelter-in-place orders began in the United States, Debra and I were traveling, marveling at the wonders that Athens, Greece has to offer (we have enough pictures of that trip for a dozen posts – but this isn’t one of them). We were lucky enough to make it back just in time to avoid the hardships and hazards of massively crowded immigration and customs lines at airports throughout the country, notably DFW – our home portal.

Since we had been in a country designated as Level 3 by the CDC, we followed the recommendation to self-quarantine for the next 14 days. The irony of the United States becoming the new epicenter for covid-19 is not lost on me.

Our self-quarantine period has expired. We are healthy. At least we believe so. The strange nature of this malady means that one might be symptom-free, yet transmit a virus to another for whom it might prove deadly. This is something we are loath to risk.

So, we’re staying home and keeping our distance from others and trying not to fret overmuch, as the saying goes, while missing the kids and grandkids.

Catching Up on Set-Aside Projects

One of the things self-quarantining allowed me to do is to consolidate some pictures from recent trips. One of those trips included several days in Strasbourg, France – a delightful, lovely town well worth your time and attention when the world is free from the novel coronavirus scourge – which I know that we all fervently hope is sooner rather than later.

Those of you who have been kind enough to follow WiththeBarretts on social media know that I have a “thing” for doors. (Debra does, too, sort of, even though she feigns exasperation when I stop every few yards to take another door picture.) The gallery below shows seven of the doors (yes, there were many more) whose pictures we took while wandering the streets of Strasbourg. I added the pic of the gate because it made – and rhymes with – eight. And eight is the number signifying balance, harmony, new beginnings, and good fortune – things we all can use in these times, don’t you think?

The people in Strasbourg were warm and welcoming. While I know it won’t pass them by, I hope covid-19 touches them only lightly and that soon these doors will open wide, safely welcoming friends, family, and neighbors.

I wish the same for you – whoever you are, wherever you are.

Until next time, please stay safe and be well.