“Business as Usual” is a Thing of the Past

The COVID-19 threat is as frightening as any the world has faced in generations.

But we will come through it.

The course now is clear – protect ourselves, help others when and as we can.

Cooperate, be flexible, follow the recommendations of the experts. Do our part to flatten the curve. Prepare for a siege and hope for the best.

The real question, then, is: What will we do to prepare for what comes next?

Adapting to the changing needs of clients and customers is not merely good business; it will be a necessary part of our collective recovery.

The loss of life from the virus is not the only tragedy facing our nation. The financial threat will linger after the physical one has passed.  

“Business as usual” is a thing of the past. No one knows for sure what the future looks like. One thing, however, is undeniable:

Clear and persuasive expression will be more critical than ever.

The words matter.