Words + (Connection & History) = Solution


Words – ideas that flow from the page into the brain.


Words can be soothing, intimidating, profound, trivial, or frightening. They can be gentle or forceful, cajoling or threatening. They can inspire, persuade, or motivate.

But without connection, they’re useless. Or worse.

The right words link minds. The connection may be emotional, intellectual, philosophical, persuasive. But the words have to be clear to both the writer and the reader, the speaker and the hearer.


Over many years trying lawsuits, I developed a deep appreciation for how the right words can help solve problems caused by the wrong words.

Then I began working as a freelance writer, crafting the right words to help clients inspire, persuade, motivate.


Whatever your goal, whoever your audience, if the words aren’t right, you’re wasting your time and money.

I can help.

Let’s talk about it.